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Extreme Crochet by Rachel John

It was an interesting mix of stuff at the Knitting and Stitching Show this weekend. Alissa and I had some great conversations with people, and also spent some time staring blankly at stalls selling the same old same old. So where do I start?

Rachel John is doing extreme textiles and has created knitting tools gone large, and at the stall Rachel’s sister was knitting an item using twelve strands of wool at the same time. As I type, Alissa is crocheting us a new blanket on her extreme crochet hook, using six strands at once. It’s one of those straight-forward concepts that seems really obvious when you see it. As long as you think big, you can knock items out in no time at all. The blanket Alissa’s making is already a reasonable sized scarf, and she’s spent about an hour doing it. Pretty groovy.
Rachel is also doing extreme cross stitch, with a big needle and some big mesh. On the face of it, it seems plausible, but I’m still waiting to see the end result. She liked what I was doing and there may be some scope for us to work together. I’m not sure how the super-large cross stitch will work so it’ll be interesting to find out more.

It was really cool to find the Selvedge stall. It’s the nicest high-end textiles magazine we’ve found, and it was great to speak with Jessica (one of the team) and find out more. I’d love to do some writing for them, but the magazine is so darned sophisticated that I don’t know how I’d fit in. But it’s an option I definitely want to>

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