The Knitting and Stitching show 2017 – Harrogate

For some such needed January inspiration, I had to share my personal highlights from The Knitting and Stitching show….Well the bits I got to see when I wasn’t chained to my classroom and my lovely students!

So….. here goes…….

Having attended the show at Harrogate for more years than I can count on two hands, I’ve seen it chop, change and grow.  One attraction is the ever developing talent which can be observed in its young and more mature states, especially within the gallery sections.

The Embroiderers’ Guild area really showcased the ever emerging talent.

Take for example the section where The Embroiderers’ Guild build their base. This year we saw the EG scholars along with other graduates exhibiting their works…

Graduate Showcase… on trend is this; mixing fur fabrics with machine embroidery, by James Bowen.

A gallery display of EG members work, under the title Page 17  where members took inspiration from their favourite books and converted in into textile artistry:

An example from the Page 17 project. I love the 3D mixed media approach here and the peek through holes!

I enjoyed seeing famous artists work, partnering the general EG member. This gave an all inclusive feel….

Famous work set with all the other members work, this was a piece by Cas Holmes, published author and tutor.

This was no traditional bookish exhibition, take a look at this monkey!!!

He’s a beaut! Made by Georgina Bellamy

Moving on to other highlights, I have to mention the Royal School of Needlework stand with their emerging degree students work…..this display made me stop, what else can be done with gloves!?

The marriage of the traditional embedded skill found within the RSN with the fresh student work, made for a progressive display.

On a darker note, Grown-Up Fairy-Tales from Barbara Fuereder was an active talking point……

The dark side.

I loved the mix of textile fibre materials, set in a painterly style.  Apparently she began her artistic life as a painter, thus this style makes sense.

This exhibition by Jo Beattie was so reminiscent of childhood and the objects we held dear, such as our favourite teddy.  She really captured the bears faces…..

Cutie embroidery bears next to the real ones.

Finally, I fell in love with this man (or men) (unless I am already taken by the EG stand monkey, as seen earlier!).  He’s one of Ann Small’s cloth sculptures:

Like what you see?  Keep updated via The knitting and stitching show’s website to see when they have their next event.

As a freelance artist, designer, lecturer and tutor (how do I narrow down that description?!) I have been contracted by numerous arts organizations to provide Talks, Workshops’ and Masterclasses’ in Textiles, Print Making and Fine Art subjects.  These include branches of the Embroiderers’ Guild, Textile Study Groups and The Women’s Institute.  Every year I teach at The Knitting and Stitching shows and exhibit with the Artist in Action stand. I had my first solo exhibition in March 2016 and have been part of numerous group exhibitions.  Currently I am columnist for textile art publication “Be Creative with Workbox”; having also written articles or had work illustrated in Stitch, Inspired, Embroidery, Selvedge, Daphne’s Diary, Prima (online), Cloth Paper Scissors and the Batsford book ‘Be Creative with Textile Art.'

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