Plush of the Month – January!

Knitting Dreams

Hey!  My name is Kristen and I curate a show called Plush You! in Seattle.  I have been asked to guest blog here from time to time and hope you enjoy my findings.  When people walk into my shop, the first thought is, “this is for kids”.  Upon greater investigation they soon realize that the plush in my store isn’t so much for kids but adults that are kids at heart!  However people are having kids left and right and they deserve some awesome toys to either play with or decorate their room with.  Here are some great toys for both kids and adults alike!
Chet and Dot make the sweetest things on the planet.  Sorta heartbreaking don’t you think?

Knitting Dreams makes adorable miniatures sure to make any little person or big smile.

Add anything by Feltmates for a cute decoration for any room!

These beautiful dolls by Simpli Jessi are the kind that will be dragged around and loved forever.

Ninon makes the most beautiful plush toys perfect for any wall.

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See you next time!


Kristen Rask is the owner and operator of the small store, Schmancy, in downtown Seattle. In the 6 years it has been open, Schmancy has hosted a international plush show titled ‘Plush You!‘. She will be here to discuss the wonderful world of plush and why she loves it so.

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