Domestitchery-LeiLiLaLoo’s House Pillows

LeiLiLaLoo - CollagePillow

Domestitchery with the Mistress T

Domestitchery is where we take a look at how talented people make ordinary domestic items extraordinary through creative needlework.


LeiLiLaLoo in Amsterdam makes some wonderfully creative throw pillows that tell a little story.  I was enamored upon first view and keep going back to the etsy shop to see more.  You should, too.


Admittedly, The Mistress T is a sucker for most things house-shaped, but these are above and beyond the usual.

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Such a great combination of stitchery and collage and you can put it in your favorite reading chair or window seat!  Check out her flickr for more wonderful images than are safe to see in one sitting.

TheMistressT is a scumbler and plastrix by day and a craft dabbler by night. Her mottoes include “any excuse for a costume” and “there’s no such thing as too much carpincho.”

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