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Vonkrankipantzen's computery cross stitch

The more eagle eyed of you might notice a couple of subtle changes to the site.

The long list of links to sites and people we love has gone from the left side of the page, to be replaced by the new Link Love page – see the tab at the top? There it is!

It gives us more space to post links to the things we like, and the people that we feature on here.┬áBecause let’s face it, the list of links on the left was getting redonculous.

And then the other change is that we’ve now got a tag cloud over there on the right. Which links to the top 15 tags on the site. That, and the search engine above it (oh look, a search engine!) mean that you should be able to find old posts on here a bit more easily.

Just another of those little things we do to make Mr X Stitch the best that it can be!

If you’ve got any ideas of things we should do on here, or ways we can make the site better, we’d love to hear from you. You can email me, or Beefranck, or leave comments on this post. We love hearing from you, so even if you just want to tell us about that hangnail you just had removed, or how your neighbours do weird jogging routines outside your house, feel free!

PS: If you haven’t seen Vonkrankipantzen’s awesome cross stitch piece before, where have you been? ­čÖé

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  • Well, since you asked, I have a neighbor that jogs BACKWARDS throughout the parking lot of our apartment complex. I did a double take the first time I saw it.

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