Lord Libidan’s Look Out – May ’17

lord libidans lookoutEver wondered what a killer set of instgram cross stitch looks like? Look no further, with Lord Libidans Look Out!

I am SUPER looking forward to Game Of Thrones starting in July, and it looks like Lindsay Jakes is too as she’s finished her awesome cross stitch banners.

Recently on my blog I wrote about awesomeクロスステッチ cross stitch like this brilliant piece by chikiko3 from the Monster Hunter series.

Finally today we have the excelent framing exploits of Felicity Arcanine Art with this brilliant Aloa region exeggcute Pokemon stitch.

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Lord Libidan
Born to British Aristocracy, the man now known as Lord Libidan discovered the art of cross stitch while in a Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayan mountains. After meditating on the craft for years, he emerged from his retreat ready to challenge the prevailing paradigm and elevate embroidery to new levels. Focusing his talents on video game and pop culture cross stitches, he produces work that pushes as the boundaries of the form.
Lord Libidan


#CrossStitch extraordinaire! #VideoGame and pop culture bits too. See my portfolio at https://t.co/0gLbGgbuNy
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Lord Libidan