Lord Libidan’s Look Out – April ’17

mario castle cross stitch by TERESA KNIGHT

lord libidans lookoutOut with the old, and in with the new! Instead of your regularly scheduled Sprite Stitch Best Bits, you’ve got me, Lord Libidan!

I’ll be showing off 1 or 2 pieces I’ve found along my travels, showcasing the best of video game and geek cross stitch.

mario castle cross stitch by TERESA KNIGHT8Bit ReStitch likes to take old cross stitch and re-purpose them in geektacular ways. However, upon taking flower stitches out of a 12 year of banner, he found the sun had bleeched the aida. Adding Mario’s castle just made it all the ore brilliant. What a super piece.

Jess in GameMaster magazineJess aka CraftingGeek is not only a seasoned stitcher of all things video game, but her devotion to Zelda has seen her spend all her stitching time on an Epic Zelda map. Its no wonder that GameMaster magazine featured her in their March issue…

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