Lord Libidan’s Look Out – October ’17

star wars rebel cross stitch by thevegancrafter

lord libidans lookoutRarely does a month go by without a heap of cross stitch goodness hitting my intagram feed, and October was no different. So, instead of picking the ‘best’ of what instagram has to offer, I picked the things I love the most!

star wars rebel cross stitch by thevegancrafter

STAR WARS! Yes, I have a countdown to the new film. Yes this rebel logo is the best Star Wars cross stitch I’ve seen for a long time. I’ve actually patiently waited through @thevegancrafters feed whilst she makes this bad boy, ready in waiting to share it with the world!

no face cross sttich by alternatinaa

However, from one heavy cross stitch, to a lighter one. I absolutely love the way @alternatinaa has used negative space to fill in the face. It makes it all the better knowing she was stitching ‘no face’. A clever insider pun if ever I did see one…

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