Lord Libidan’s Look Out – April ’18

pokemon by meleemissystitchery

lord libidans lookoutMarch is the worst month for productivity North of the equator, however that hasn’t stopped some killer cross stitches being completed this month.

I love the work of @chikiko a Japanese cross stitcher, and their most recent stitch focuses on the tiny. This Space Invader broach is killer!
space invader brooch by chikiko3

But don’t think that tiny is the only thing @chikiko does. Hells no. They do huge things too, like this Breath of Fire III piece.
breath of fire three by chikiko3

And finally, the obligitory Pokemon cross stitch, this time supplied by @meleemissystitchery. I love how they look to be hugging.
pokemon by meleemissystitchery

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