Lord Libidan’s Look Out – February ’18

marauders map by kiravasina

lord libidans lookoutJanuary was freezing cold in the Mr X mansion; both myself and Mr X moved, however that hasn’t stopped some awesome cross stitch coming out.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! HERO IN A HALF SHELL! Man, if I had this jean jacket back in the 90’s I would have been the coolest kid EVER. Your son is gunna rock it @magic_knitting_and_embroidery!

turtle power by magic_knitting_and_embroidery

There is never enough Harry Potter cross stitch. That’s just a fact. This awesome peice by @kiravasina is not only an awesome example of Potter stitches, but the sheer determination to stitch all that red is impressive.

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marauders map by kiravasina

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