Lord Libidan’s Look Out – September ’18

UltroNata Cross Stitch

Lord Libidan

Born to British Aristocracy, the man now known as Lord Libidan discovered the art of cross stitch while in a Buddhist monastery high in the Himalayan mountains. After meditating on the craft for years, he emerged from his retreat ready to challenge the prevailing paradigm and elevate embroidery to new levels. Focusing his talents on video game and pop culture cross stitches, he produces work that pushes as the boundaries of the form.

lord libidans lookoutTraditionally in the cross stitch world September is the month stitchers start to think about Halloween and Christmas stitches. However, I’m more than happy to put off the jolly tunes for as long as possible, so for this month’s Lord Libidan’s Look Out I thought I’d do something different. And then it hit me; whilst Mr X often puts some crazy cross stitch up, what about those fringe pieces which are weird, but not too weird. So I’ve scoured Instagram for some of the best uses of cross stitch that you probably haven’t thought of before.

The first of our unique cross stitches is a sashiko inspired cross stitch by @AndrewKrummel which not only takes its cues from the repeating sashiko designs, but funks up the colors along with it.
Sashiko Inspired Cross Stitch by Andrea Krummel

Next we have a super sultry Russian stitch of UltraNata in a really clever great scale, using the slightest of grey and black.
UltroNata Cross Stitch

Finally we check out an awesome mix of back stitch with a sweet finish of lime green for a killer My Favorite Murder cross stitch by @TwinMade
My Favorite Murder cross stitch by Creative Workshops

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