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Firstly thank you to those you tried to guess how many gumballs were in my plush gumball machine. No one came even close, there was actually 68!! I know, right?!
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably know that my family includes 4 large house rabbits. So on this Easter weekend I thought I would bring bunnies and plush together in this blog post.


Bunnies by Plush Goodness
I am pretty sure that the people reading this post are aware that giving a live rabbit for Easter is a bad idea but humour me while I feature some rabbit themed plush, will you?
Every year after Easter rabbits are dumped in shelters or just let loose in the wild when the Easter novelty has worn off. Rabbits are very complex creatures and not at all a starter pet.
There are many reasons not to get a pet bunny on impulse and my advice would be to get a plush one instead. Here are just just a few reasons why:
-Pet rabbits should be housed inside, especially if you live somewhere where there are predators. They need a lot of space and plenty of time to excercise out of their home base in a bunny proofed area.
These needle felted ninja bunnies by Squirrel Momma are big on personality but take up hardly any space at all. They are so stealthy that you could probably sneak them all kinds of places with you.


Ninja Bunny by Squirrel Momma
-Rabbits are expensive pets. They need to be neutered and as they are considered exotics for vet care this will cost you more than getting a cat neutered and if they get sick….ka-ching!
These chocolate coloured bunnies by Little Side Kick are very reasonably priced and I love their clean looking modern design.


Rabbit Plush by Little Side Kick
-Bunnies are messy. Yes they can be litter trained but they do about 300 poos a day, it’s inevitable that you will find some outside the litter box. Then there’s the hay, 80-90% of their diet is hay, they need to have hay available all the time, it will get everywhere! Plus they shed…a lot…my house is very hairy!
Flat Bonnie‘s poo plushies speak for themselves, a portion of Flat Bonnie’s sales are donated to rabbit rescues.

Flat Bonnie's plush bunny poos
-Bunnies are not as cuddly as they look. They are prey animals that prefer to have their paws on the ground and almost all of them hate being picked up. They are territorial and if they are not neutered and handled correctly they could become aggressive or very fearful.
Cotton Monster has a few plush bunnies available in her Etsy store right now, they look very cuddly, plus they are wearing socks!


Rabbit in Socks by Cotton Monster
My big boy Arlo was on television last week to help vet Adrian Walton spread the message that while rabbits make excellent pets they should not be an impulse Easter purchase. You can what the video here.


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Arlo TV celebrity
If you are seriously considering a pet rabbit please go through your local rabbit rescue or small animal rescue, they will work with you to find a bunny who is a good fit for your family.

Happy Easter!


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Becky Gould is the big kid behind Scrumptious Delight. Working from her home in Vancouver, BC she makes plush toys and soft sculptures that combine a love of food, all things furry and an unnatural appreciation of small appliances.

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