Too Cute Tuesday – Pansy brooches by Marg Dier

It's the cutest embroidery brought to you by Mr X Stitch

London-based artist Marg Dier creates exquisite embroideries. A graduate of the Royal School of Needlework, Marg uses her masterful handstitching skills to thread paint these stunning pansy brooches.

Pansy brooch by Marg Diel, 2015.
Pansy brooch by Marg Dier, 2015.

I’m blown away by the lumninous layers of color.

More pansies, hand embroidery by Marg Diel, 2015.
More pansies, hand embroidery by Marg Dier, 2015.

Check out more of Marg’s work in her etsy shop and on her flickr stream. You’ll be treated to an array of tiny, stitched brooches and pendants. She creates jewels made of thread.

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