Too Cute Tuesday – Squirrel by Miriam Blaylock


I’m in awe of the marvel of light and texture artist Miriam Blaylock achieved in thread. It’s as if she painted and sculpted this squirrel at the same time.

Raised work squirrel. Hand embroidery by Miriam Blaylock.
Raised work squirrel. Hand embroidery by Miriam Blaylock.

Miriam based this stunning, raised work squirrel study, “on a creation by Christiane Paris, a Belgian artist living in Belgrade (a small town close to Namur) and specializing in hyper-realistic subjects.”

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Too see more of Miriam’s work, visit her blog and her flickr stream. She has an amazing array of pieces that look like paintings in thread.

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  • Dear Olisa,

    Checking my trackers this morning I spotted the huge increase on the squirrel picture and find your article just now. I’m so thankful for your appreciation of my study piece; I owe all the credits to Mrs. Paris who designed the subject and to my teacher who taught us how to work it out. I of course can’t tell you how grateful I am to appear another time in Mr. X Stitch’s blog. Also I hope this piece will give the stitchers out there lots of confidence; help them embrace new challenges and dare try to improve. Difficult technical pieces are meant to help us learn and there’s no end to learning, right ?

    All the best to you and the extended team for the coming new year,

    And thanks again for all the work (yours a most precious place on the web),



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