Mr X Stitch presents … Wolverine!

Oh yes.
It’s Wolverine.
The most popular comic book icon there is now becomes the coolest cross stitch pattern on the planet.
I cannot believe how cool this pattern is, and I made the thing! At 15 inches wide by 10 inches high (30450 stitches) this will look simply awesome once framed and hung up.
Buy it now. ‘Nuff said!

Available from the Mr X Stitch etsy store, although if you want to get it direct, just email me.

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14 thoughts on “Mr X Stitch presents … Wolverine!

  • I love this, and I think Jim wants me to make this one someday.

  • Well Jim clearly knows a high quality cross stitch when he sees it! 🙂

  • You say “Wolverine” and I think “Hugh Jackman”… now there’s a cross stitch I’d like to see life size. And maybe 3-D. Where are the smelling salts?

  • I always end up calling Hugh Jackman “Hugh Jorgan” by mistake.

  • Or “Hugh Janus” or “Hugh Jirection”

    Last time I saw him he told me he gets that all the time. If he wasn’t a multi-millionaire movie star, I think he’d be bothered by it.

    (Just off to get a bucket of cold water to throw at Tara…)

  • See, there you go bringing up the 3-D thing again.

  • Been meaning to ask, is there a particular line of comics these come from? I’d guess the Marvels line as I’m aware of it, but have never actually read it.

  • Hi Benji,
    All of the patterns so far have come from Marvel comics, mainly because they’re my favourite comic publisher. I’ve got a list of other possible topics as a result of the feedback thread on Craftster.
    For me it’s about getting the right image that does the character justice. There are lots of Spiderman patterns out there, but I’ve yet to find one that does it right yet, which is why I’ve not done a Spidey one yet.
    I welcome any suggestions for other characters than could be tried – Alf cross stitch maybe? 🙂

  • Sam and Max, please! 😀 Also, .

  • What I meant to ask is if they come from a particular artist or series, but it sounds as if they do not necessarily.

    Somehow I’ve missed that Craftster thread. I guess I tend to stay in the complete projects section. I’ll take a peek.

  • Interesting question.
    There are some artists – Alex Ross, for instance – whose work is consistently terrific and would translate really well into stitch.
    There are other artists whose work is amazing – Travis Charest, Frank Quitely for example – whose work wouldn’t translate well.
    So I’ve not been able to choose specific artists and stick with them. Yet.
    But I do look around for the quintessential images of these characters. I think that artists who do their own colouring and use watercolours, such as David Mack or Simone Bianchi (who did the original Wolverine pic) translate well into pattern form as they’re not so heavy on the line work.
    My patterns tend to avoid backstitching, but it would be necessary to realise the work of some artists…
    Can you think of any artists that would be worth looking at?

  • I was just wondering what colors you used for the Wolverine pattern. It looks wonderful.

  • Does anyone know if you can still get this?

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