Multiple Stitchgasm Monday – PQ Spring Swap, Part 2

It's Multiple Stitchgasm Monday!

Yes, it is another stitchgasm! And another reminder that sign ups for the next Phat Quarter swap start this Friday as part of Mr X Stitch’s Fifth Fridays Festival of Fabulousness! And the theme is going to be FAR OUT.

For now, feast your eyes on more work from the Spring-themed Phat Quarter swap.

Boxing Hares by Sewphie T.

Do Not Flake On Me by cocoaeyes.

Do Not Flake on Me

With the Doctor by Lyndzi49.

With the Doctor

Spring by Lockedinthepark.

Spring Phat Q Swap

Spring! by Riann.


Pollen by ebrown5813.


Sit back and catch your breath. The final Phat Quarter Spring-themed swap stitchgasm will be here soon.


Olisa Corcoran is a stitch artist and blogger living in Durham, NC. She speaks fluent Nuyorican and always keeps her dial turned to 11.