That Felt Amazing! It’s the Needle Felting Zone!

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Welcome to the needle felting zone at Mr X Stitch!

We love this stuff, it’s so stabby! Who would have thought that you could take some wool and pummel it into so many shapes? We’ve had a felty column called Felter Skelter on the site since 2009, so if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re a fibre artist using this medium or a felt enthusiast, get in touch with us and share your work and don’t forget to tag us #mrxstitch on social media so we can see what you’re stabbing lately!

We love the myriad of forms that needle felting can take, and there is no end to the possibilities, so dive in and enjoy!

Shona Cammack
Richard Hannah needle felted Aslan
Shana Kohnstamm Hydrotropia
Lil Fish Studios felted mushrooms
Galina Blazejewska Octopus Purse
Jezabel Nekranea Blue Deer
Susan Aaron-Taylor Wapiti-Pot
Miki Ichiyama needle felted snake Shiro Hebi
Easy Stuff To Make With Fluff
Ryan Lytle Better Luck Next Time
The Gentleman Felter
Jenn Docherty
Karina Kalvaitis
Kit Lane
Perfectly Bohemian's needle felted Zombie Lamb
Amethyst Geode (artist unknown)
ChuChuPorn (censored)
Hawkes Hounds
Spinal Tap Caricature Dolls by Feltalive
Ed Mironiuk
Sasha Lelilio
Lavender & Lark
Dora Nemeth
Felter Skelter: Freaky Felt photo by Secret Jar
Be Good Natured
Needle Felted Flower Power Hound by Felted Fido.
Maria Filipe Castro
Yvonne's Workshop
Mr. Rainy Cloud, by Maria Filipe
Matt Gale
Yoopidou's Needle Felted Calvin & Hobbes
Paolo del Toro
Zoë Williams, Harbingers 2015
Minami Kawasaki
Zany Days
The Fiber Florist
Baymax by imaplatypus
Petskin's Felted Tarantula
Bunnykins by Kit Lane
My Arm Can Fly
Hine Mizushima
Vampirellover's Needle Felted Yoda
Natasha Krajacec, ShishLOOKdesign
Yoomoo Cat after Higuchi Yuko
Baltos Kandys
Yvonnes Workshop, needle felted anteater
Little Needle-Felt Animals by Gretel Parker
Handmade by November, needle felted guinea pig
Desiree-Marie Müller/CrittersbyDesiree
Miss Bumbles needle felted guinea pig
Sarah Mandell needle felted Cacti
Ambrosia by Violet Pie
Wingnut and Fritz by Kit Lane
felt cat by ***yayaya***
Mark Bieraugel
Hippie With A Minivan's Needle Felted Cthulhu
Gretel Parker - Needle Felted Geese
Lumpy Space Princess Applique by usamimi
Zoe Williams - Needle Felt Artist and Felter Skelter Columnist for Mr X Stitch
Needle Felted Bug by Hine Mizushima
AkiyoKano's Doctor Who Quilt
Deathbeforedishes Hand Embroidered Dalek Poetry Hoopla
Petskin's Needle Felted Poodle Moth
Mycrobe's Cthulhu Cat Nip Toy
Sue Walton - 'Victoria' felt sculpture under glass dome
Space Cadet Akane in Danger by Hine
Zoe Williams with Needle Felt Artwork
Moxie - Control - Needle Felting
Spotty needle-felted forks by Sue Walton
Arachne's Thumb's Needle Felted Rug
AsherJasper's Needle Felted Dragon
Irina Andreeva - Girl on bench - Needle Felting
Grisha Dubrovsky - Skeeter - Needle Felting
eye necklace
Dessadoll's Needle Felted TARDIS
Croshame - A Scent - Needle Felting
Landscape Hat
Dino front view by michelleness, on Flickr
Volcano by Pipapiep
SoFino's Needle Felted Guitar Soap
Incredible random stuff 0121 by m3ow
Paper Moon's Needle Felted Creations
Tanis Alexis Laird - Pillow
Breaking Bad Needle Felting by Ellen Delbourgo
Fast Hands Felting by Natalie Zee Drieu
Fast Hands Felting by Natalie Zee Drieu