Newsflash! Welcome to the Scene!

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Mr X

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Mr X


The kingpin of contemporary cross-stitch and embroidery -
RT @womensart1: US illustrator and textile artist Angela Pilgrim, Afro Puff ll, 2015, print. #womensart - 1 year ago
Mr X

3 thoughts on “Newsflash! Welcome to the Scene!

  • I wish…Cheers to you all though:)

  • Sir this could be the most epic thing ever. People need to hear you talk about crafting. Hell people need to hear a lot of people talk about crafting and their artistic process. We are all waiting to see what comes from having people see what we make with our own two hands. And haveing people realize that there was once a time when everything we had clothing or otherwise, was once made completely by hand. The art of making a chair or a size 18 oxford shirt go hand in hand literally. And expressing your self with fabric and thread is and should be a hand made process, no offense machine users, but that is what makes what we do special. Can anyone do what we do cross-stitch wise if they have a pattern and the ability to follow said pattern? Yes. But will everyone take the time to make that pattern come to life? Maybe not. Good Luck sir I’ve got your back but I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that.

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