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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the many occasions that come with sunshine. It’s wedding, travel and graduation season, a time to find something that makes you feel as delightful as this time of year is. Here are Nuido’s summer picks for a Japanese inspired lifestyle. If you’re not in the mood to spend money, may I suggest handing your wallet to a responsible person before reading on.

Kinu Outfitters












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Handmade in Tokyo, Kinu Outfitters creates one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories using pre-loved Kimonos. She offers custom fashion for men and women and she will even personalize your design by embroidering your name. Kinu Outfitters carefully makes unique and graceful pieces that can stand the test of time. I had the pleasure of meeting the woman behind Kinu Outfitters, several years ago during a visit to Japan, and her sparkling personality shines through in her designs.

Aka Tombo Millinery












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Aka Tombo Millinery creates colorful and classic hats for special occasions. A Scottish woman who settled in Tokyo hand makes each one, fusing the culture of her roots and of her chosen home. Aka Tombo Millinery’s mission statement is a beautifully inspiring, polished, personal essay so, don’t miss the ‘About’ section on her Etsy page. Aka Tombo Millinery strives to be Eco-conscious…as if you need another reason to want all of her designs.


Azumi Sakata

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Azumi Sakata is a Japanese fiber artist who creates accessories that are mesmerizing. Her attention to detail, colors and designs are absolutely stunning. Each stitch is clean and each bead is placed deliberately. Even the way she displays her pieces, pinned and labeled like a science experiment, is artful and expressive. I imagine that wearing one of her brooches could attract lovely conversations with fellow admirers.


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Madeline spends her time somewhere around the Pacific Ocean attached to a needle & thread while practicing Japanese. You can keep up with Madeline’s endless fiber projects at or follow her on Pinterest

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