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Notes on repair

Recently in discussion with a senior member of the Search Press team, I was asked to give some advice to readers – how to deal with the situation we are facing at present – staying at home or changing our lives due to the virus we are all threatened by…….here is a little light hearted view….

Maintaining the maker – how to embrace damage or avoid it!

So, in this time of limbo, the unknown, we are all pretty much in the same boat.  There has been an equalisation of our lives and those we once envied, are no longer the current issue in our lives.
What was your life before lockdown?  Maybe by now things have got easier for us all?  What we were before, can have a massive impact on us now.
For myself, I worked at home a lot anyway, so yes – good days, bad days, lonely days…but for those who have been used to an office environment or a consistent routine of social activation, it can be a
However, if you are reading this, then you obviously are a reader or have notions towards craft/art/textiles…all things you can still do; but let’s put that aside for now.
1. EVERY EVENING write a to-do list for the next day.
By this I don’t mean ‘save the world’ or ‘learn a language in three days’.  The idea surrounding this is to have something to tick off, thus at the end of the day we can look back and say, okay, I did this and this…  It helps in another way, as it keeps routine and structure to the day, thus helps us mentally remain focused and achieve.  Maybe not in the way we are used to, but in a new way.  (I know a friend added ‘wash hair’ to her list and I’ve had similar somewhat mundane itemisations on my own – so it’s not rocket science….bow to the new lockdown #microgoals!
2. Chat.  Text.  Video call.
Three things that to be honest I tell myself I ‘don’t have time’ for – yet believe me, test it.  Try out a day when you don’t and a day when you do.  A few seconds chat with a friend, even if it is about what you saw on your allowed walk will so help you when you get the 10pm negative gremlins.  One tip though…don’t use the whole time chatting about the negative stuff – even pretending to be positive to someone you care about helps you both…it’s about balance.
3. Don’t watch / listen / read too much news.
We all need to be responsible, yet life will happen whether we know about it or not.  Try a once a day approach, NOT late at night – that’s just self-harm if you want my opinion!
4. Have a clear out.
I don’t know about you, but most of the time I am working so hard to keep a normal life balance going, that I neglect jobs which could actually make the whole getting through the day a lot easier.  For example, as soon as this happened, I spent a few weeks gradually clearing my studio, cleaning, sorting etc.  Now I can actually have organisation visually, my mind feels a lot more settled – so there’s another one to stick on your to-do!
5. Use this lockdown to mentally reassess your life routine.
If there are things you don’t like – change them, plan to implement a different way of working once things begin to return to whatever ‘normal’ is to be.  Share the ideas with others around you, so that they can support you.
6. Lastly, make a hope list. 
Write a ‘When I/we get out of lockdown we will’…. I don’t mean a world cruise, although hey, if you can go for it!  But even a walk on a beach, having friends around for a night in and a good film….visualise the future.
So, you notice that the list above isn’t particularly ‘artful’, yet once we implement the above steps in our lives, I feel we will be more likely to feel ‘art inclined’.  Oh, and if you have a ‘fur baby’ like mine – enjoy!  (Can’t resist sharing him…he is as good as taking vitamins, every day I send a film of him to a close friend to cheer her calling it #dailyB (his name is Barney))
notes on repair
Notes on repair…my helper

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