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Welcome to the New Year! I hope everyone has a clean slate and we’re ready to get working on new, amazing Japanese creations. In case you’d like some ideas about where to begin, I’ve got a few to get us all warmed up.

Hakata Textiles




Hakata Ori is a Japanese woven textile. The technique was originally brought over from China in the 1200’s and later modified by Japanese craftsmen. It uses slender warp silk threads which are strongly woven into the weft.




Hakata textiles are commonly found in the Fukuoka area of Japan, on the coast near China.




Because there are only 46 workshops recognized by the Hakata-Ori Textile Industrial Association, this fabric isn’t widely available. Today, the material is used to make wallets and purses as well as dolls which are typically given to foreign guests.






Now, what would embroidery be without fabric? Fabric may not be the only thing to stitch upon, but it certainly seems to be the most common slate. My favorite Japanese fabric shopping spot is Furugi Star. She carries the most incredible indigo and boro fabrics, fresh from Japan.






I could honestly go broke if I allowed myself to have everything that I want from Furugi Star. After living in Japan for more than 10 years, the owner of this shop personally curates these handmade and vintage textiles.


Zakka Workshop’s Japanese Coin Purse




If you need something to do with all that gorgeous fabric besides embroider, why not try a Japanese inspired Coin Purse Kit? Zakka Workshop offers many Japanese inspired kits, hardware, books, and incredible quilting projects.




The kit comes with instructions, a full size template and the clasp. There are five different styles to chose from and I plan on getting the Heart Clasp Purse, myself. I found the perfect fabric the last time I was in Osaka which I bought without being certain what I wanted to make with it.




It’s sort of ridiculously sweet, isn’t it?


Yumiko Higuchi’s ’12 Months of Stitches’


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Yumiko Higuchi’s newest book is called, ’12 Months of Stitches’ and it’s as adorable as we would expect from her.




Each month is represented by several patterns, in fact this book contains a whopping 38 patterns and many inspiring ideas about where to feature your design.




I’ve already cracked this one and whipped out the mermaid and swimmers pattern onto a vintage bathing suit.








You can get this book on Etsy, I recommend Pomadour24.


You’ll definitely want to join me next month because Nuido-it-Yourself will be holding it’s first give-a-way!! I’m looking forward to giving something special to one of our readers so, come back and see what I’ve got for you!


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Madeline spends her time somewhere around the Pacific Ocean attached to a needle & thread while practicing Japanese.

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