Orly Cogan Exhibition – Summer Lovin? We think so!…..

We have featured the work of contemporary artist Orly Cogan in this post. Now she has a solo exhibition coming up, as well as a group exhibition….this is one busy lady!

Near NY? Then get yourself along…..

Summer Lovin’ – June 10th – July 31st 2018

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 1701 Main Street. Peekskill, NY

The press release tells us:

‘The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA) in Peekskill NY welcomes work from a leader in the current fiber arts movement, artist Orly Cogan, for her solo exhibition Summer Lovin’. Cogan reinvigorates vintage materials including tablecloths and baby linen through embroidery, crochet, and paint to create unabashed depictions of her experience as a twenty-first century woman.

HVCCA Co-Founder and Director Livia Straus says Cogan’s pieces “bring back memories of visiting grandparents’ homes, women creating trousseaus for their marital life, but upon investigating, the imagery is raw, feminist, and family-based—domestication stripped of second- skin clothing.”

The artist creates goddess-like nude figures, culinary indulgence, recreational drugs, and sex-positive imagery, all woven into the foundation of a domestic, utilitarian craft made by nameless women from a previous era .The results of this partnership build a new vision of womanhood. The work communicates emotional issues using the language of visual symbolism. The actors are present in the way a child perceives the world: wholehearted, uninhibited, and reliant on the senses. The subjects deal with rejection, love, fear and desire. Cogan’s arrestingly frank and beautiful narratives tell the story of the many changes in the tenor of cultural expressions between the concerns of today and a time gone by. She seamlessly combines today’s cultural confession obsession with yesteryears quaint conservatism.’

We love her merging of vintage and embroidery with contemporary themes…

There has been plenty said about this narrative-stitcher and she is certainly keeping busy, with a group exhibition opening just days after her solo show!

If you can visit, it is at The Robert Mann Gallery, opening the 14th of June and on until the 17th of August 2018

Follow her on instagram and visit her website at www.orlycogan.com

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