I’ve decided to get a bit serious with this blogging stuff. Of course I’m not entirely sure what that actually means at this stage, but I’ve been looking at lots of other blogs and sites and have worked out how I want to take my blog forward.
Step One is moving everything from Blogger to WordPress. This is an exercise that is underway at the moment, but there’s quite a learning curve, so it’ll be a little while until I move things completely. The plan will be that the main mrxstitch.com website will feature the blog and make more of the mrxstitch shop as well.
I’ll keep you posted, and normal service will continue on this site for the time being.

I have some other plans as well, but I’m not going to let all of the cats out of the bag right now.

Change is coming.
Yes we can.

(Whaddya mean someone else used that already?)

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10 thoughts on “Overhauling…

  • You’ve got my vote, Jamie! Yes we can! Woooo! And junk. 🙂

  • WordPress is very cool, they are in the process of rehauling all the admin features but they’ve done it once before and I figured it out again. WordPress is cool, you can see how many people visit your site, what posts they click, what they type into search engines to land at your blog. The only SAD thing about wordpress is they do not support JAVA so you CANNOT have an etsy widget 🙁 You can however add your shop to your blog roll or make a text box for one of your sidebars.

    They are also nonprofit so you have to be careful about posting about stuff you have for sale on etsy.

  • Hi Bethie,
    Thanks for that feedback.
    I’m getting my head around WordPress and I think it’s been a wise decision. I shelled out £50 (that’s about $927 🙂 ) for the Thesis design package, as it looks great and is a good way to get the layout and functionality I want.
    I’m fiddling around with the design and colours, and if people are really bored they can visit http://www.mrxstitch.com and watch the thing evolve.
    Not having java is a bit of a bummer, but I’m sure there are ways round it.
    It’s all very exciting in a fiddly kind of way…

  • Cool! can’t wait to see it!

  • I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve 🙂

  • Oh I do love wordpres, I don’t know the admin functions of blogspot but another neat feature of wordpress is you can see where people are coming from (did they click the link in your signature from craftster, from a friend’s blog, etc….?)

    WHOA! $1000 for a blog???? Perhaps if you pay you get java support but I don’t know. They is a ‘text box’ tutorial under the FAQ for wordpress that is sorta a way around not having the etsy widget.

    I look foward to seeing your new site!

  • Er, I was kinda joking about the pound to dollar conversion rate there… Thesis only cost $87 in actuality.
    It’s just a joke of mine – I bought a book, it cost £3, so that’s $115!
    Clearly I need to work on my humour a bit… 🙂

  • OH, ha ha!

    It’s so funny cuz I was actually toying with the idea of moving to blogspot cuz you know it seems like ALL the cool kids have blogspot 😉 I thought it would be good to have the etsy widget for marketing my shop…. Just curious cuz I have no idea if wordpress offers this feature or not, but does blogspot have some kind of admin tool where you can import all your previous blog entries from another blog host?????

  • Hi Bethie,
    I’ve had a little look and I’m not sure that you can import posts from another blog into blogspot.
    But hey, you don’t wanna move backwards in time. WordPress is the way forward.
    I’ve set up a new page on my blog, which directly links to my etsy shop, one for my folksy shop and one for my flickr account. When you click on the tab at the top, it opens the relevant site in a new tab. Job done!
    I don’t know if that’s possible just because I’ve got this on my own server, but it’s worth investigation.

    Just adding twitter functions to it now…

  • Well that’s all the motivation I need to stay with wordpress, the idea of moving sounded a bit intimidating. You know I think wordpress has a feature where you can import blog entries. Just checked it does, on the dashboard to go manage, and then pick import. Did you already know that???

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