• Needle Exchange – In Tatters Part II

    Needle Exchange – In Tatters Part II

    Hello Everybody! Look! It’s Friday! Last time we looked at the history of tatting, but really I just copied and pasted awesome books about it. It was pretty cool. Click HERE to see. Because I know so little about tatting, I asked readers to send me any corrections or info I may have been lacking, and […] Read more

  • Needle Exchange – In Tatters

    Needle Exchange – In Tatters

    Hello everybody! This week I’ve decided to write about tatting! Confession. I know nothing about tatting. I have never tried it, only a few of my books talk about it, and I only know one person who’s tried it. So, to the readers who are tatting enthusiasts, please forgive my ignorance and clumsiness. I also welcome any […] Read more

  • Needle Exchange – Exploring Craftivism, Part Two

    Needle Exchange – Exploring Craftivism, Part Two
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    Welcome back! Last time we looked at historical examples of fiber arts being used to explore sociopolitical issues, this week we’re going to look at the contemporary counterparts. Now I could spend pages writing about different craftivists and their motivations. However, because this wave is fairly recent, this information is more widely available online and […] Read more

  • Needle Exchange – Exploring Craftivism

    Needle Exchange – Exploring Craftivism
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    The fiber arts have long been implemented in exploring the sociopolitical arena. In recent years, Craftivism has been used to call attention to everything from AIDS to economic issues. When I started thinking about this article, I was hard pressed to come up with many historical examples. Most of us are quick to remember Madam […] Read more

  • Needle Exchange – Let’s Talk About Sex, Part Two

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    Hi Everybody! Welcome back for Part Two of “Let’s Talk About Sex!” If you haven’t read Part One, click HERE to get started. Once again, I Solemnly Swear not to surprise you with NSFW images. We will see some nudes, some body parts, (G rated to PG) but nothing pornographic. Any link that is graphic will […] Read more

  • Needle Exchange: Let’s Talk About Sex


    Needle Exchange is a place where we explore needlework around the world and throughout history, and sometimes prehistory, and then look at it’s modern counterpart. What qualifies me to write about this stuff? Almost nothing. I don’t have a degree, and I’m not a historian. But I think that works in our favor, because if […] Read more

  • Needle Exchange: Summertime Blues


    You know how it’s soooooo hooooot right now, and how if you had to thread a needle or handle silk or wool you’d just start screaming at the top of your lungs? No? Just me? ANYWAY. When it’s like that, any kind of motivation, or thinly veiled needlework related stuff makes me feel like I’m […] Read more

  • Needle Exchange – William Morris

    Needle Exchange – William Morris

    Welcome back everybody! I thought we talk about William Morris today. As there are many, many, articles about him readily available online, I thought it would be interesting to write about a series of lectures he gave in the late 1870’s. You can read them in their entirety HERE. I know that 1870 seems like […] Read more

  • Book Review – Hoopla by Leanne Prain

    Book Review – Hoopla by Leanne Prain

      Leanne Prain is the co-author of Yarn Bombing, and Hoopla – the art of unexpected embroidery is her latest book. In a nutshell, it’s terrific.   At 400 pages this is a book that will not only fill you with ideas and inspiration but will also improve your bicep strength. It is a veritable who’s […] Read more

  • Hoopla book signing in Portland!

    Our own Penny Nickels will be stitching, bitching, and signing copies of Hoopla this Monday along with Johnny Murder, Cate Aneveski, and author Leanne Prain tomorrow night. If you’re in the Portland area be sure to check it out! Read more