• Summertime Felt

    Summertime Felt

    Summertime is still here! The sun is shining (we hope), the weather is hot (we also hope), and thoughts naturally turn to the beach, pool parties, and ice cold treats. Here is some fun summer felt that’s sure to brighten your day, even if you have not had the away holiday you were hoping for… Read more

  • Spotlight: Non-UK Textile Art magazines

    Spotlight:  Non-UK Textile Art magazines

    TxP (Textiel Plus) are an organisation who work online and through a magazine which is printed in Dutch. The magazine is printed four times a year and the website is updated regularly, with a focus on current content. Daphne’s Diary is another craft based magazine we will review here. Read more

  • Geode Felt!

    Geode Felt!

    This month’s column is all about crystals! Fuzzy felt may not be the first thing to come to mind when you want to try your hand at making a sparkling crystal geode, but read on and you might just change your mind! Read more

  • Needle Felt Jewelry and Accessories

    Needle Felt Jewelry and Accessories

    Zoe Williams reviews wearable felt art items and the people who make them. Often animal and nature inspired, such as a hand felted hedgehog, what is not to love? Readers are encouraged to visit the artists websites and also create their own needle-felt or hand felted pieces of wearable felt. Read more

  • Sarah Mandell – Cute Cactus Felt

    Sarah Mandell – Cute Cactus Felt

    I give you the wonderful work of Sarah Mandell, aka Once Again Sam. Sarah is a multi-talented artist and needle felting is only one of her many talents. The arrangements not only tiny and cute, they are exquisitely crafted. The variety and attention to detail in each piece is fantastic. This column will look at… Read more

  • Here Be (Needle Felted) Dragons

    Here Be (Needle Felted) Dragons

    Calling all fantasy lovers! This month I’ve gathered some of my favourite needle felt dragons. Seven felt artists bring these fantastic creatures to life in spectacular detail, each in their own unique style.  Make sure to click through to each artist’s website to see more of their needle felt creations! …and finally, a REAL dragon… Read more

  • Miniature Felt

    Miniature Felt

    While most needle felt work tends to be smaller than life size, the medium doesn’t lend itself well to the extreme small scale. Fine detail is difficult to achieve when the piece is smaller than the felting needle itself, not to mention the increased risk of getting a sharp poke to the finger for your… Read more

  • Wonderfully Weird Needle Felt

    Wonderfully Weird Needle Felt

    One of the things I love most about needle felt is its versatility. With a little practice, it is possible to shape wool felt into any number of things – from hyper realistic miniature animals to illustrations translated into sculpture. It’s always exciting to see something new, and as I am particularly fond of the strange… Read more

  • BIG Felt

    BIG Felt

    BIG Felt In this month’s column, I would like to show you some equally amazing needle felt work that is larger than life! Like the very tiny, large scale is difficult to achieve in this medium, but not impossible! There’s no denying that needle felted art takes time to produce and that if you are… Read more

  • Needle Felted Cuties

    Needle Felted Cuties
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    We are giving you a new chance to read this awesome column, by Zoe Williams. I’m sending off 2015 with a salute to cute! I’ve covered needle felted cuties in this column before, but this remains a favorite genre for needle felters and one that I return to again and again in my own work. I… Read more

  • Creature Felt

    Creature Felt

    Zoe Williams has now retired from her awesome Felter Skelter column, but we loved it so much we have chosen to reissue it each month!  In this issue, Zoe looks at creature felt, where wool has been used to make artisan critters using felting techniques.  There is so much animal art out there, but I… Read more

  • Book Review – Easy Stuff To Make With Fluff

    Book Review – Easy Stuff To Make With Fluff

    Easy Stuff To Make With Fluff by Gillian Harris is a compact 80-page guide full of some great and usual projects to make the most of your materials. Read more