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At Mr X Stitch, we’re committed to changing the way people think about embroidery and needlecraft, and with the launch of XStitch Magazine as well as the ongoing success of this here Mr X Stitch website, it’s clear that our mission is heading in the right direction! But we don’t just want to stop there! We’ve got grand plans to do more to change people’s views on the world of stitch, and we want to refresh some of the familiar parts of the embroidery ecosystem, like Craft Shops and Stitch Events. But in order to do this, we need your help.

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Mr X Stitch and XStitch Magazine are run by a tiny team, of 2.5 people in total, and a huge amount of support from our authors and designers. While we try and run these enterprises efficiently, we want to grow and build our capacity to achieve more, so we’re launching our Patreon campaign!

By supporting us you can access some tasty benefits including being a part of XStitch, contributing your ideas to help shape our future and so much more! At the very least you’ll get access to the XStitch pattern archive – download bigger versions of the patterns from the magazine to make your stitching that bit easier!

Your support will really help grease the wheels of our organisation.

  • It will help us reward our authors for their efforts which will empower them to write more about the crafts they love!
  • It will help us bring more people on board to produce even more content across our social media channels so that we can showcase the wonderful world of needlework to as many people as possible!
  • It will facilitate our outreach, connecting with new groups and bringing needlework to people who didn’t know how much they were going to love it!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our intro video dives into this subject in more detail so check it out!



We hope you are able to join the growing number of Patrons for Mr X Stitch; if you love needlework and have available resources, your support is really appreciated!

There are other ways that you can stick with us and enjoy our mission as well, so be sure to connect with us on our social media platforms!

And if you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, that would be super amazing!

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