Pattern Giveaway – who’s the winner today?

So we come to the final giveaway of Mr X Stitch Birthday Bonanza.

It’s been a lot of fun this week and great to have so many comments and ideas from all of you. It’s clear, from your comments on this post that the world needs more zombie cross stitch and well, we’re just gonna have to see what we can do about that. And we’re already pondering on the idea of NFSW patterns as well, so I’m sure we will continue to create the kind of cross stitch patterns you can’t find anywhere else!

You will be able to buy any of the Mr X Stitch patterns from our etsy store by the end of this week, so dive on in there and get the patterns you love!

Now on to the important business! Mr Random Number Generator has come and done his business and chosen us a winner! In case you forgot, the lucky winner gets to choose five of the Mr X Stitch patterns for free!

So without further ado here he is!

giveaway 1

Thanks Mr Random Generator for all your help this week! And congratulations to Craftydame for winning!

All you have to do is email me with the five patterns you want, and before you can say “God damn Mr X Stitch, you’re a miracle”, they’ll be yours!

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