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For this month I got to interview Nichol Brinkman of Pink Cheeks Studios.
Her work is colourful and full of whimsy, with a range of characters from woodland creatures to ninjas there really is something to appeal to everyone.


Ninja Mobile by Pink Cheeks studios


-How did you get into plush making and what do you like about the medium?
I started sewing as therapy, when my mom was very ill. I hand-sewed. The labor-intensive craft was just what I needed to keep keep all my nerves focused and productive. After she passed, I continued to sew. I became interested in blogs and keeping up with all the makers in the world. I started a blog called “A Pillow Monster a Day”, and it was about exactly that: making a pillow monster a day. It forced me to teach myself quickly. It was tremendous fun, and I found Etsy shortly afterwards. It was kismet.

My favorite aspect of this medium is the material. I love all the different patterned fabric out there, and I enjoy pairing them up in surprising ways.


Personalized Custom Doll by Pink Cheeks studios


-How would you describe your style?


I would describe my style as fresh and quirky


Angelic Pig Mobile by Pink Cheeks Studios


-What materials do you love to use?


I love the fabric designers Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, and Lotta Jansdotter


Sumo Mobile by Pink Cheeks Studios


-What tool or tools can you not live without?


I absolutely lose my mind when I can’t find that wooden stick that comes free in the polyfill bags. It feels like the world has ended when I can’t find it and I need to turn something or stuff something. The funny thing is, they are all over my house; under my couch cushions, in my jar for colored pencils, in my kids lincoln log container.


-You make wonderful mobiles and wall hangings, what do you like about making your plush into decorative items?


I love what I do. I do a lot of 3D portraits, and I love to get to notice tiny details about people and then have it realized through their stuffed doll.

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Multi Cultural Bunny Mobile by Pink Cheeks Studios


-Do you have and special event or exciting future plans you would like to share?


I recently released a Fall line called All Who Wander featuring my take on classic adventurer storybook characters. It was fun. It got the wheels turning, and I have begun sketching for a new line!


All Who Wander - Pink Cheeks Studios


Thank you Nichol!
Learn more about Pink Cheeks Studios etsy, instagram and here 🙂


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