Plush of the Month – April!

I have had my business for almost seven years now and have worked with some amazing plush artists.  Here are a few who have been around for a long time and I have enjoyed watching grow.

Plush Treats from Heidi KenneyI love love love the work by Heidi Kenney!

Plush Apples from Anna Chambers

Anna Chambers design sense makes me swoon…

Plush Pickle from Scrumptious DelightEverything made by Scrumptious Delight is DELICIOUS!

Meat Plush from Sweet MeatsVegans and meat eaters alike will appreciate the work by Sweet Meats!

Plush Monsters from 12Punt3It has always been a huge pleasure to work with 12Punt3!

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See you next time! xo


Kristen Rask is the owner and operator of the small store, Schmancy, in downtown Seattle. In the 6 years it has been open, Schmancy has hosted a international plush show titled “Plush You!“. She will be here to discuss the wonderful world of plush and why she loves it so.

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