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Well this month finds me up to my eyeballs (quite literally, I am making something BIG) in work with deadlines coming for me at break neck speed. This being the case I thought I would just share a couple of websites with you where you can find charitable plush.
I know that sometimes plush can seem a bit frivolous and these days it is hard for most of us to justify spending on something unless it can be eaten, worn or is really, really useful.
I am going to present a couple of options where you can buy some plush and feel good about it being very useful. These are plush with a cause.
First off the extremely popular and well known Flat Bonnie.


Flat Bonnie, hay and poos


Flat Bonnie was created to help bring awareness to the life of bunnies in shelters and rescue centers. 


Flat Bonnie, Shelbun


Flat Bonnie plushes are made for people who love bunnies and for people who may want a real bunny but are not ready to provide the proper care and finances needed to raise the bunny.
A generous portion of all sales is donated to bunny/animal rescue organizations monthly.


Flat Bonnie, a lonely road
Flat Bonnie isn’t just about bunnies, she makes other animals too and if you follow one of the links you could contact her about custom work.
The photos are just so much fun!!


Flat Bonnie Axolotl
Next is A Monster to Love. I briefly met two of the makers at last year’s Plush You show in Seattle, the plush are designed and made by twin boys Sam and Ben and their dad Ray. I didn’t really get a chance to talk with them but I did take one of their business cards.


A Monster to Love, the makers
The information I found on their website left me impressed. When you buy a monster its twin (an identical monster) will be given to a child in need, you can even have the second plush sent to a specific child, of your choosing.


See Also

a monster to love blobs
From their website: Buy a monster and support some awesome kids AND get something pretty sweet for yourself!

Whenever you buy a monster from A Monster to Love, we give a monster to a child who could really use a monster to love. Sometimes they are children that cannot afford a monster or a child who is in the hospital and could use a friend to hang out and snuggle with.


A Monster to Love Bird dog



Becky Gould is the big kid behind Scrumptious Delight. Working from her home in Vancouver, BC she makes plush toys and soft sculptures that combine a love of food, all things furry and an unnatural appreciation of small appliances.

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