Plush of the Month – June!

At Schmancy, every so often I will ask one of my favorite plush designers to make a plush exclusive for the shop.  The idea is once they sell out, they will never ever make them again.  Here are some of the wonderful artists I have been lucky enough to work with on this project.


You all know Moxie but I can’t talk about it without giving her a nod.

Leeanna Butcher makes awesome toys!

I love Yummy Pancakes crocheted goodies!

I love the work by Hine!!!

12Punt3 makes awesome stuff!  Great for adults and kids!

Diane Koss makes super cutesy stuff too!

There are many more that I have done and more that are scheduled.  Stay tuned!

Kristen Rask
Kristen Rask, owner of Schmancy Toys, started Plush You! as a way to exhibit the best plushies made by a wide variety of artists from around the world.
Kristen Rask


We sell awesome toys
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