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I’ve been making toys for about 5 years now, and I’ve seen so many other artists wonderful work throughout that time. But there is a list of fellow toy makers that stick out in my head from almost Day 1 that I have been infatuated/inspired by, and still am. Here are some of them!

Holly Stanway A Little Stranger Plush
Holly of A Little Stranger never ceases to amaze me in the amount of work and beautiful quality of work she is constantly pumping out!

Louise Evans Felt Mistress Monster Band Plush

I can’t even begin to describe how Felt Mistress’s work makes me feel. Every character she creates is so unique and full of detail. Her monster characters all have full outfits made! They are no less than amazing.

Amanda Louise Spayd Creepy Cute Plush Bunny Rabbits

Amanda Louise Spayd’s work feeds the side of me that loves darker and creepy work. Her creatures are a perfect mix of creepy and cute.

Robyn Fabsit’s style never seems to be tied down to one things, and I love that about her work. Each piece she puts out is something unexpected that I haven’t seen before.

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Steff Bomb Star Wars AT-AT Plush
Steff Bomb has always been awesome to me. She has mastered the simplistic plush style, and the super complicated like this AT-AT.

It’s hard to encapsulate such amazing artists in just one picture each, so I suggest you click their links to see more of their work!


Chelsea Bloxsom is the woman behind Love & a Sandwich.
She is most known for making monsters out of faux fur, but has recently gotten into making embroidered and appliqued fanart on embroidery hoops!  Her work can be found updated almost daily here!

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