Plush of the Month – February!

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I figured a lovely post on good plush for someone you love seemed appropriate. xo

Sweet dolls by Goodbye Blue Monday.

Nothing says I love you like a big heart.  From Minnie Miller.

I’ll never get sick of the work by Cutesypoo.

I am a teeny bit obsessed with Krize at the moment…maybe a little more than a teeny bit.

Scrumptious Delight always hits the mark!

See Also

Adorable hedgehogs by Riley Co.

See you next time!


Kristen Rask is the owner and operator of the small store, Schmancy, in downtown Seattle. In the 6 years it has been open, Schmancy has hosted a international plush show titled ‘Plush You!‘. She will be here to discuss the wonderful world of plush and why she loves it so.

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