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I’ve been a member of this awesome group called the Etsy Plush Team for about three years now. It’s a team of about 50 plush toy makers, all supporting, teaching and learning from each other! If I could feature all 50 of the members I would, but here’s 5 instead.

Pin Cushion Monster King

I love this Pincushion Monster King by bnwcraft. Leave it to a member of the Plush Team to come up with something better than the average pincushion to work with!

Pin Cushion Monster King

Plush Team members are hard workers! As shown in this picture of Needlings desk covered in her adorable plush Owl Cell Phone sleeves.

Old Timey Bathers Cecil & Amelia

DesignsbyL always makes these awesome plush caricatures of people, this time she’s done a pair of old timey bathers named Cecil & Amelia.

Vodka Spiked Watermelon

One of my favorite parts of being in the Plush Team is their awesome sense of humor. This Plush Vodka spiked watermelon by Fluffyflowers is just brilliant!

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Plush Teams Mascot PT Stitchy

And to end this post, the Plush Teams mascot, PT Stitchy! Expertly made by one of the Plush Team members, squirrelmomma.

Chelsea Bloxsom is the woman behind Love & a Sandwich. She is most known for making monsters out of faux fur, but has recently gotten into making embroidered and appliqued fanart on embroidery hoops! Her work can be found updated almost daily here!

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