Poked Circuits

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Here’s a little roundup demonstrating what can happen when you mix needle felting and soft-circuit tech. Love it!

Electronic Needle Felting from Shannon Henry

Light up Gir and Prince of All Cosmos by Shannon Henry (Here’s a tutorial for the Prince!)

Electronic Needle Felting from Kit Lane

Untitled (with leds) and Snowpeas (using fiber optics) by Kit Lane

Electronic Needle Felting from Techno-ShugeiClub

Bright Salmon Roe, Blinking ConeSnake (eyes light up when he bites his tail!), and so much more by Techno-Shugei Club

Learn how to needle felt conductive fabric with Lynne Bruning.

Learn how to needle felt some good looking conductive fabric for your other soft circuit projects with an Instructable tutorial by Lynne Bruning.

And in case that all wasn’t enough, (super cool) Craft, Becky Stern (total genius), and I (mega-nerd) cooked up this Light up Pinball Bumper Necklace video.

Now go light up the felt, people!


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