Quilty Pleasures – QuiltCon


A new Festival has entered into the quilt scene and it is QuiltCon What does this mean?

Well it means that Quilting just got a little more hip.

Take a gander at the Best of show Quilt:

Quilts by Victoria Findlay Wolf

The quilt was pieced by the Talented [and I am happy to call her friend] Victoria Findlay Wolf Shown next to the quilt looking all glamorous as always.

Here is a look at the Quilting:

Quilts by LIsa Sipes

The quilting was done by Lisa Sipes And oh MAN is she tearing up the quilting world! [in the good way]

You’ll hear about both of these women quite a lot in the coming future.

The other important thing that QuiltCon alludes to is a Change in the focus of the quilting culture towards a more inclusive aesthetic. AND younger people! The importance there is that as an industry if all of the members are aging there is a point at which you no longer have an industry.

Plus they had an 80s dance party.

So there is that….

LUKE Haynes is a trained Architect using his skills mostly for good. His work can be seen at his site and the associated blog. He is a full time Quilter and sometimes blogger, whose work is showing across the country and soon the world.

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