Quilty Pleasures

Dollhouse Quilts | Art Quilts

in this Quilty pleasures we take a look at miniature quilts made for dolls houses. Some are shown as up close quilt patterns and other images show the quilts on doll house furniture. Hexagonal Quilts are a bit hit here.

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Exploring Art Quilts Volume 2 cover image

Exploring Art Quilts Volume 2 | Art Quilts Book Review

In this second volume of Exploring Art Quilts, this creative and inspiring book which has been brought together by the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) 12 artists are interviewed and explored. With over 300 high quality images revealing the cutting edge of quilting art today. We will come across flat art quilts as well as more surprising variations, including a 3D head and even a dolls house. Other content explores how the work of juried artist members ties in with their own culture, with images galleries to show the range and diversity of their art.

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Healing Nature of Quilts | Art Quilts

There are man reasons why people quilt. Like, perhaps, all forms of handwork, quilting seems to incite introspection, dreams, memories, and much more as our mind and soul become immersed in the process of making something. We will look at how quilting can heal in this issue of Quilty Pleasures by Julie Rodgers.

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portable matchbook book front cover

Portable Patchwork | Art Quilts

Portable Patchwork: The Women Pioneers of the Original Quick & Easy Quilting Method by Pamela Weeks is a book that explores the history of “quilting as you go” techniques and provides the reader with a modern connection to this perennially popular pastime.

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Harriet Powers

Harriet Powers | Art Quilts

This Quilty Pleasures reveals the story behind the historical figure Harriet Powers. She was considered to be one of the most skilled quilters known. Our columnist discusses her place in history and the quilt techniques she is famous for.

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Holiday Quilting

In this issue of Quilty Pleasures, Julie Rodgers discusses seasonal quilts and gives us inspiration to make us think about designing our own.

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