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Creative Crushes from the Be Creative team at Workbox Magazine

We’re really excited to be featuring the supremely talented Rachel Parker in our very first monthly column – initially inspired by cross stitch, she made the leap to digital craft and is now a sought after fabric designer stocked in Liberty, Heals and Studio Four in New York.  We just love her use of vibrant colour, pixels and geometric designs.

Rachel Parker - Blue Stitches
Rachel Parker – Blue Stitches

Cross-stitch is perhaps the most basic form of embroidery and yet there’s something about the repetition of the simple marks, the building up of rows and the rhythm of needle and thread that really speaks to me” – Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker - Northmore Flocktail Chairs by Florrie+Bill
Rachel Parker – Northmore Flocktail Chairs by Florrie+Bill

We’d love these Northmore chairs in the office at Be Creative HQ – daily creative inspiration!

“’Northmore’ is a wild, free-flowing geometric pattern of pixelated shapes. It looks like something straight out of the space age, so people are often surprised to hear that it’s actually inspired by hand embroidery” says Rachel.

Rachel Parker - Digital Craft Print Collection
Rachel Parker – Digital Craft Print Collection

We love how you can see the inspiration of cross stitch in Rachel’s collection of prints.

Rachel Parker - Wallpaper Sampling
Rachel Parker – Wallpaper Sampling

Rachel’s wallpaper prints are as exciting as her fabric.

Rachel Parker - 'Spoken For'
Rachel Parker – ‘Spoken For’

Read the full feature on Rachel in our November/December 15 issue, available from

Find out more about Rachel on her website

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