Too Cute Tuesday – Fab Women in History, stitched by Crystal Rhew Staley


March design – Cleopatra and Joan of Arc, cross stitched by Staley.

I’ve long admired Crystal Rhew Staley’s stitching. She often works on cross stitch stitch-a-longs (SAL), pieces that build up with new imagery each month.

February design – Curie and Woolfe.

Her latest SAL really speaks to me, Fab Women in History! Designed by Cloudsfactory, the yearly subscription kit features new accomplished women to stitch each month.

Fab Women in History. Staley’s piece as of March 2017.

I’ve never participated in a SAL, but I can see the appeal of developing a complete piece over the course of a year and sharing your progress with others working on the same project.

Plus Crystal’s work is so perfect and meticulous! So be sure to check out her Instagram stream for lots of adorable stitchy goodness.

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