Royal School of Needlework

The Royal School of Needlework

The Royal School of Needlework had an exhibition stand at the show this weekend. I was blown away by the quality of the goldwork and blackwork – something I’d never really looked at before. They do courses in jacobean crewel, goldwork, canvaswork and similar skills, with the aim of promoting the skills and practice of high quality hand embroidery.

I walked away from the exhibition realising that I’d love to do the courses – you can gain a B.A. Hons in Hand Embroidery if you want to. I like the idea producing high end stuff, but still putting my usual spin on it. I feel like the neanderthals in 2001: A Space Odyssey who’ve just seen the monolith. My brain is expanding in new and unknown directions…

The website shows the prices, and they are not cheap, but I always think if you want something enough, and you approach it with the right attitude, the Universe kicks in to help. So we’ll see…

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2 thoughts on “Royal School of Needlework

  • The classes are worth every penny, try a 2 or 3 day class you will learn so much and get to see the work of the apprentices and their collection too.

  • Thanks for your comment. I’m going to see if I can get on one of the courses – maybe the introduction to Blackwork next year.
    As you say, having a look around Hampton Court and the studios is almost worth the fee itself..!

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