Stitchgasm – RuPaul X Stitch animation by Aubrey Longley-Cook

RuPaul CrossStitch AnimationAubrey Longley Cook -

Have you seen the amazing RuStitch X stitch animation yet?

Aubrey Longley Cook - Rustitch Animation Still


Atlanta-based artist Aubrey Longley-Cook created a community art project when he enlisted 35 artists to contribute an X stitched frame, containing 12,800 stitches. Each stitcher’s color scheme is unique to their frame. They matched the colors they chose tonally to the original footage, and the embroideries exploded into a rainbow of colors when composited together.

I stitched Frame 11 and wrote about my experiences on my own blog. You can read more about the experiences of another participating artist, Sally Hansell on the Huffington Post.

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Aubrey made two versions of the animation, a front version and a back.

 photo RuPaulCrossStitchAnimationWorkshop_zps270bf0cf.gif

Participating RuStitch artists: Ashley Anderson, Paul Bazen, Kimberly Binns, Jess Bernhart, Katherine Bernhart Rachel Burnstein, Clay Butterworth, Shay Buckley, Kaitlin Commiskey, Olisa Corcoran, Lauren Cunningham, Jared Dawson, Kate Doubler, Sarah Durning, Jane Garver, Maggie Ginestra, Sally Hansell, Brooke Hatfield , Tricia Hersey-Patrick, Andre Keichian, Taryn Kelly, Christina León, Adrienne Lowe, Romy Aura Maloon, Lauren McDonald, Amy Salley, Steve Sauer, Chris Seely, Nathan Sharratt, Nathaniel Smith, Christa Tinsley Spaht, Hester Starnes, Mike Stasny, Drew Watts and Elizabeth Yates.

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