Sad things…

It’s been a nice day today. The sun has been out but there’s been that slight crispness in the air that tells you Autumn is here. And it’s such a new crispness that the cold is nice, rather than annoying.
But it’s also been a sad day today.

KatieKutthroat, one of my Craftster heroines, has decided to give things a rest and stop posting her magic on the site or on her blog. She has her reasons, and that’s cool. But it’s a shame as she was good at what she did. And what she did involved a good dose of cussing… 🙂

And I had my last cup of coffee in Gloria Jeans today. It was a decaf skinny latte with a shot of vanilla and it was lush. I never expected to be someone with a fiddly choice in coffee but that’s what happened. Because the shop had good coffee and free wifi, I would go there quite frequently to do work and enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe. I even ended up with my own mug! But now they are closed and I shall miss going there.

These are only little things that have happened today. No blood has been lost and noone has died. But they make me a bit sad.

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