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Continuing my spotlight on UK Fabric design today I’m sharing two independent designers who create hand pulled screen printed fabrics. There are few big brand fabric manufacturers here in the UK, so innovative designers like these create fabric patterns by hand. Screen prints can have minor variations from one print to the next and are perfect in ‘one of a kind’ projects, and the modern crafty  home with a minimalist aesthetic. At craft shows this year I spotted imitation and reproduction screen printed designs trending on craft cottons- think simple shapes and fresh colours with white outlines or backgrounds. It seems screen printed designs have never been more popular.

totem-Lu Summers- screen printed fabric

Lu Summers of Summersville is a prolific UK designer whose work has featured in design books and magazines as well as her own book Quilting Improv. She sells hand pulled screen printed fabrics online via her etsy shop. She has also a created commercial collection for MODA including her popular debut range ‘bloomsbury’ (below).

bloomsbury -Lu Summers -screen printed fabricYou can purchase fabrics directly from Lu via etsy  and I recommend checking out her blog,  her writing style is irreverent and humourus and there are lots of book recommendations here for budding designers too. www.blu-shed.blogspot.co.uk

Fall - Lu Summers screen printed fabric


Another gem of the UK fabric printing scene is Karen Lewis of Blueberry Park who hand prints on Linens and sells small items made using the designs as well as fabric sampler packs, charm packs and panels from her etsy store .

Blueberry park- Allotment greys - screen printed fabrics

Karen’s designs change often and limited design runs mean her fabrics are highly sought after. I love her subtle palettes of sand and greys with pops of yellow or strong blues. Karen offers custom variations on her designs too, so it’s well worth getting in touch if you are after something special. You can find out more from her blog here: www.blueberry-park.blogspot.com

Blueberrypark screen printed fabric scrap pack

I hope you’re feeling inspired? I find looking at these fabrics helps beat the winter blues!

Blueberry Park -Scruffy daisy screen printed fabric



Bridgeen Gillespie AKA Cherry and Cinnamon is an illustrator, embroidery artist and sometime textile designer, she blogs at cherryandcinnamon.com

Bridgeen Gillespie - cherryandcinnamon

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