• Art Dolls With A Felt Flavour

    Art Dolls With A Felt Flavour

    Learn about needle felted art dolls in this issue of Felter Skelter by Zoe Williams. Old ladies in felt to snow creatures are all featured. Read more

  • Unicorn Felt

    Unicorn Felt

    Felt unicorns are the subject of this months Felter Skelter column. Find our favourites and then think about which felt artists you like too. These felt sculptures are truly brilliant examples of textile art, using needle felting as a technique. They are all on the felt unicorn theme, yet each artist has an individual approach. Read more

  • Manooni – Feelgood Felts

    Manooni – Feelgood Felts

    Hannah and Olga Dovhan from Ukraine, are better known as Manooni, and they make charming needle felted creations with weather characters, mindful meditators and much more. It’s another Felter Skelter post from Mr X Stitch! Read more

  • Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral Felt?

    Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral Felt?

    In this Felter Skelter Zoe uncovers some needle felted critters but cannot decide if they are animal, mineral felt or something else! What do you think of these wooly wonders? Read more

  • Wonderful White Felt

    Wonderful White Felt

    In this column Felter Skelter by Zoe Williams we find lots of white felted items. Some of the artists involved use specific fibres such as Alpaca yarns to needle felt their creations. Sculptures are the main form of work observed, all in felt. Read more

  • Fantasy Needle Felt

    Fantasy Needle Felt

    This Felter Skelter column highlights three artists who all use needle felting as a method to create fantasy felted characters. All are inspired by nature and animal life. The three artists chosen all have their own websites or shops to visit for further information or to purchase one of the pieces. Read more

  • Paolo del Toro’s Wonderful Works of Wool and Wood

    Paolo del Toro’s Wonderful Works of Wool and Wood

    This month Felter Skelter focuses on Paolo del Toro, who creates needle felt sculptures inspired by dreams, the occult, and folk/fairy tales. He came to needle felting from a background in woodworking and his mastery of that medium is clearly evident in his approach to wool. Read more

  • Wearable Felt

    Wearable Felt

    Moxie our writer and felt expert reviews some top artists who make felt creations to wear. They are sculptures out of wool, real art pieces and are often needle felted. What will be your wearable felt inspiration? Read more

  • Is Needle Felting Difficult?

    Is Needle Felting Difficult?

    Needle Felting is not difficult, it simply takes practice. There are plenty of good guides both online and in books to help you practice and learn the techniques involved. In this post we will explain what needle felting is, what tools are required as well as showcasing some artists who have used this art form. Read more

  • 15 Needle Felting Artists That Will Inspire You

    15 Needle Felting Artists That Will Inspire You

    We’ve got 15 amazing needle felting artists that will inspire you to unlock the creative possibilities with your needle felting tools! Find out more at Mr X Stitch! Read more

  • Wrap Yourself in Woollen Wings

    Wrap Yourself in Woollen Wings

    Woollen wings …. Check out this range of felt inspired artists who all focus on nature and winged creatures. The technique of needle felting has been used as well as wet felting to create unique art pieces which are mostly wearable. Read more

  • Felt Potpourri

    Felt Potpourri

    In this column written about needle felted sculptures we observe a selection of creatures, all in different forms. The links to find out more about their individual creators are given. Read more