Sequintial Art – New Designers 2013

Sequintial Art

Yesterday MrX and I had the pleasure of two press passes to New Designers.  I’ve never been ‘Press’ before so it was an interesting experience.   All the graduates surprisingly were still bright eyed and bushy tailed and very very willing to talk about their work.

Here are our picks of the bunch !  Some will be expanded on by MrX himself so keep an eye out.

Jenny Hopkins – Loughborough

Jenny is right up my street, being a gold worker an all.  Her aesthetic developed from ‘the study of natural and man made armours’ is fresh and contemporary.   She is also very accomplished at her cut work for her level of experience !Jenny Hopkins

Amy Fox – Loughborogh

I have a bit of an aversion to laser cutters and pastels, but Amy is still nailing it.  The addition of layering and aggressive organic shapes really gives her work an edge

Amy fox

Bella Leonard – Manchester

One of my personal favourites ! Bella surprised us first with being able to use found materials without her work looking contrived which so often happens.  She also surprised us architecturally.  The scale she works on didn’t come across at first but after some discussion and a quick peruse through her portfolio we were very impressed and looking forward to her installation in Carnaby Street nest week.

Bella Leonard

Mica Peet – Somerset

Mica sneaks in there because we really love her imagery.  Highlighting her print with freehand machine embroidery Mica draws from images of the fur trade.  Stylised badgers, birds and bunnies all laid out next to each create wonderful patterns in Mica’s work and this combined with a very fresh colour palette really caught our eye.

Mica Peet

Rachel Jane Burt – Manchester

I discovered Rachel in retrospect whilst flicking through the Manchester catalog !  Targeting a market that is also very close to my heart at H&H, Rachel creates a very interesting fresh take on embroidery in menswear.

Rachel Jane Burt

Emily Goldfinch – RSN

See Also

Emily was a lovely surprise with her cross stitch onto a contemporary medium !  I’ve never seen a Jay Cloth look so pretty, but I am afraid I don’t have a picture of it !  I will have a hunt and add one for you if I can.

Harriet Lawton – Machester

Another great offering we nearly missed harriet on the first look.  Using ‘forgotten china objects’ Harriet flocks and foils her fabrics before embellishing them with her water-jet cut ceramics.

Harriet Lawton

Daisy Sheldon – Manchester

Finally Daisy’s cheeky birds caught my eye.  Using the cornelli and irish machines daisy creates these lovely creatures onto very fine and super sheer fabrics.  Very accomplished my dear.

Daisy Sheldon

All in all a very good day.  It took a while to hunt out the embroiderers amongst the masses, but we found you in the end.  Keep up the good work and good luck for your next steps !!