Domestitchery – Chandeliers by Shannon Young

Shannon Young - Chandelier
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Domestitchery is  where we take a look at how talented people make ordinary domestic items extraordinary through creative needlework, but today we’re looking at how talented people use creative needle work to make stitchery of extraordinary domestic items.

Shannon Young used “soft sculpture, mixed media, embroidery, and knitting as a way to address issues of sexuality and gender, commenting upon gender roles and relationships in our contemporary world” for her BFA graduation project to make this amazing and enormous chandeliers.

She says about her mostly donated fabrics, “I love taking rejected materials and stitching them into a recreation of something that could only exist in a dream.”

Although it’s difficult to see in these photos that she’s shared via craftster and her personal website, all the painted images are heavily embroidered.

She also included an embroidery style that we usually see on domestic items such as tea towels.

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To learn more about the meaning behind these great works and her process (she built them completely, including the welding of the frames) check out her craftster post and for more fiber and other art visit her website which has links to her flickr, tumblr, etc.

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