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Simply Stitched is the new English translation of Yumiko Higuchi’s beautiful embroidery motifs and projects using a combination of wool and cotton thread. I’m so excited to be able to offer one of our readers a copy of Simply Stitched! To enter our giveaway, just leave a comment below and I’ll choose the winner on March 27th.




This book includes 20 flower and animal designs shown at 100% recommended size. This means no enlarging is required for any diagram. Instructions are detailed for all 14 projects, including several no-sew ideas and a stitch guide.










Some designs can be stitched in just one color which makes these projects ideal for home décor.







Using wool thread makes embroidering a large surface, such as a tote bag, a manageable weekend project. Two types of thread create a unique texture and dimension as thicker wool thread helps to quickly fill in a large design.




The project I’m making is the needle case. The original project uses the lovely Thistle motif, but I wanted to embroider the chicken instead.




The book gives us a diagram as well as extensive tool and material list which easily allows for little alterations, like I made.




Although there is no explicit direction in which you must stitch, I find that working from the center of the shape, outwards creates the most even result. Especially when you’re doing the satin stitch, or filling an odd shape.

I used this technique while stitching my rooster’s wattle.



See Also


I stitched at the center.




Then up one side and back to the center and finish the other side.




You can see a more detailed tutorial I wrote about this here.

The other change I wanted to make was the shape of the felt for the needles. I used pinking shears and a chain stitch to attach each felt pad. I did this part before I closed up the opening used to turn the project right side out, after sewing two pieces of fabric together.




To get your copy of Simply Stitched, enter to win by leaving a comment below or go to www.zakkaworkshop.com to purchase the book directly.



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