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Find out about Mr X Stitch's Inspired To Stitch columnist, Olisa CorcoranAt Mr X Stitch we’re blessed with a fantastic array of authors, who take time to share their corner of the world of stitch with us. In honour of our sixth birthday, we’re sharing six posts from as many of our team as possible.

This time, it’s Olisa Corcoran.

Bursting onto the scene a couple of years ago, Olisa aka CocoaEyes, who has been exploring the cutest parts of the stitchiverse, a task that is far Too Cute for me, so I am eternally grateful for that.

If that wasn’t enough, Olisa has having some seriously thought-provoking interviews in her Inspired To Stitch column.

Here’s six of the best from our very own Dynam-O. Click on the image to see the original post!

Mark Bieraugel - page 430
Mark Bieraugel
Meghan Willis, 2013.
Meghan Willis
Michelle Kingdom - the years fell, and grew into vines, hand embroidery
Michelle Kingdom
William Schaff - Under the Quicksand - Hand Embroidery
William Schaff
Jessica Kelly - Assortment
Jessica Kelly
Iviva Olenick - Selfie
Iviva Olenick

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