Six Months!

On 27th February it will have been six months since I started the Mr X Stitch blog!
It’s awesome how it’s evolved from a blog about me and my cross stitch patterns into something I hope will become the definitive contemporary embroidery blog.
I’m really chuffed with the way the blog is coming on; I’m thrilled to have Beefranck as a co-host with her jedi-like ironic stitchery skills. And I’m over the moon that so many of you choose to keep coming back and reading the new posts we’re adding.

I’ve got a few plans for the site, including a monthly Craft Heroes feature, which will include interviews with some of the pioneers of contemporary embroidery. I’m excited about the people we’ve got lined up to interview and I hope you’ll like them! I’m also working on setting up a gallery page for you to post the pictures of your Mr X Stitch patterns in development. And I’m even toying with the idea of a newsletter..!

But it’s not all about what Beefranck and I are doing here. We want to hear from you:
We want you to tell us about people that you find who are doing groovy things in the embroidery world. We’re doing quite a good job of finding people on the interweb, but we’d love you to dig around and find other people for us to post about.
What other post threads do you think we should do on here? We hope to do at least one regular post a day, and we’ve got a couple of days going spare where we could feature specialised post threads. Whaddya want to know?
– And we want you to help us grow. We want you to tell other people about this blog. If they think embroidery is lame, once you’ve stopped slapping them, tell them to come and look at this blog. We know they’ll love it as much as you do. The more people we get coming here, the more ideas we’re gonna get, the more posts we’ll do and so on. It could be awesome. So help us spread the word!

But wait! There’s more.
To celebrate six months of Mr X Stitch there’s a few things happening:
1. We’re doing a Cutting and Stitching Edge post every day for seven days, just to give you even more inspiration and to show what brilliant embroidery artists there are out there!
2. I’m making a new Stitch Hits compilation – which will be available for all you lucky readers! I don’t know how it’s gonna work, but one way or the other, Stitch Hits Vol. 2 – “The Sap Is Rising” will be here soon, and it’s packed with tunes to make you feel good!
3. We’re gonna do a competition! The recycled cross stitch that was mentioned here could be yours! It’s a Mr X Stitch original piece and one of you could be the lucky winner of it. You’re gonna have to watch this space to find out about it!

So it’s all good. Six months in and we’re rocking the embroidery world. Lord only knows what’ll happen after a year! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Six Months!

  • Hurrah! This all sounds great. I can’t wait to get a chance to win the recycled embroidery! I have an embroidered thing I did many years ago that I would love to challenge you to transform!

  • congrats on the six months jamie! 🙂

  • Ooooo! I’m sad I’m going to miss the festivities. It seems a nice way to follow Mardi Gras w/o all that Lent business that’s such a downer. I’m so glad I clicked over from craftster as I really might start playing with my embroidery ideas instead of waiting and waiting.

  • Sounds awesome — congrats on the 6 months and here’s to many more. I have a long long list, actually, of embroiderers that I am into — I will clean this up and email it to you. 🙂

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