Curationism – It’s My Party and I’ll Skive if I Want to…

Hey everybody, guess what today is?? It’s my birthday! And I’m in SF with my mom. So… I’m playing’ hooky! I’ve got a lot of great columns coming in the next months, some new stuff I want to do, but today, I’m going to check out the new SFMOMA!!

Now I don’t want to leave you with nothing. I wouldn’t do that. So, here’s what I just cranked out, Ghostface Domestic, for a tribute at G1988 to movies from 1996.

Ghostface Domestic: Laundry Ghostface Domestic: Finger Crochet Ghostface Domestic: Ironing Ghostface Domestic: Baking

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If you’re in the US have a happy holiday! If you’re not in the US have a fabulous weekend!

Schinders, out!

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